Preparing Your Home for a Professional Photo Session

Day of the Shoot

Make sure there are no vehicles in the driveway or in the street in front of your home. If you know the neighbors park there, please have your car moved before I get there. The front of your home is very important when taking photos.


Remove or replace any large pieces of furniture in small rooms. Sometimes a large couch in a small room can hurt the photo and make the room feel smaller then it is. Try to make the rooms feel as open and large as possible. Turn on all the lights in the home and replace any bulbs that are out. Bring in natural light wherever possible. Clean, scrub, and dust everywhere including windows, mirrors, floors, walls, fixtures, etc.


Remove items on the refrigerator doors, sides and top. Clear off the kitchen counters and de-clutter any large items. Clean and clear all appliances and scrub the sink. Every featured should be as clean and sparkling as possible. Bowls of fresh fruit or colorful decorations are a nice touch on the counters.

Dining Room

Remove any cluttered items that take away from the rooms flow. Dust and clean everywhere. Set the table with clean and colorful place settings, plates, and glassware. Add a tasteful centerpiece to bring it all together. Make it look like you’re going to have a dinner party.

Main Rooms

Reduce clutter and help the rooms look large and clean. Put away all toys and other items. Take down any family portraits or expensive paintings you do not want photographed. Large empty walls do not look appealing to buyers. Buy decent frames for staging purpose. Clear up any wires or cords if possible behind the TV, Stereo or electronics. Decorate and define the spaces to make them look their very best. Turn on or light the fireplace if you will be home during the shoot.


Clean showers and shower doors inside and out. Clean and scrub floors, walls, and windows. Place your best towels on the racks. Remove any soap dispensers and shampoo from the shower and sinks. Clean toilet and put seat down. Remove any hanging door racks. Try to bring in natural light.


Make up all the beds with your best linens, pillow, and coverings. Clean and organize the room. Vacuum, dust, mop, and scrub floors, walls, windows, fixtures, and furniture. Remove any clothes or clutter from the floor, dresser, and any furniture. Open window curtains and tie them back if needed to bring in natural light.

Outside Areas

Pickup garden hoses, tools, toys, and anything that causes necessary clutter. Clean and mow the yard. Clean the pool and surrounding areas. Clean deck of debris and clean, power wash or new stain if needed. Paint outside trim or spots as needed. Power wash the driveway to remove stains or large oil spots as needed. Replace Dead Plants. Do not have animals running around during shoot. Turn on all lighting and water features including hot tubs, pools, and fountain as if you were having guests.